alphabin Project

Alphabin is an waste management company. It offers innovative solutions for single-use waste collection and recycling. Nowadays 50% of municipal solid waste generated is single-use waste. Moreover there are places where 75-80% of the waste generated is single-use waste.  Places such as quick service restaurant, tea coffee outlets, grocery shops, malls, railway stations, bus stations, airports, hotels, food courts, etc. These places needs a dustbin designed specifically for single-use waste.
Alphabin is the world’s first single-use waste bin. Its a modified dry and wet waste bin, which compresses the dry waste and also removes wet waste remaining in dry waste.  Magic happens when the remaining wet waste removed is automatically transferred to the wet section. Thus maximum waste separation is achieved at the point of waste generation. Alphabin is a very necessary upgrade for single-use waste management.  

Single Use Waste

Currently, about 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) are produced annually worldwide. The World Bank estimates overall waste generation will increase to 3.40 billion metric tons by 2050. The total municipal solid waste (MSW) generated in urban India has been estimated at 68.8 million metric tons per year (TPY) (0.573 million metric tonnes per day (MMT/d) in the year 2008). 50% of this MSW is single-use waste (both plastic and others). with a predicted market size ₹250,000 Cr and a growth rate of 10.5 % (CAGR). 
Single-use waste is plastic, metal, foam, and paper waste produced for just using once. This waste comprises plastic bags, bottles, sachets, wrappers, straws, stirrers;  styrofoam cups, plates, wrappers;  aluminum cans, wraps; and paper bags, cups, plates, spoons, etc. This waste is very lightweight and hollow. It occupies a lot of space and often contains liquid and semi-solid waste. Watch the full video to know more.