about us

Our Purpose

Our MissionTo accelerate the recycling of waste through separate collection and recycling.

Currently, Alphabin is a small company with a very innovative solution for single-use waste bin. Therefore at Alphabin, our purpose is to keep innovating. To offer the best, simple and cheap solutions to our customers for single-use waste.
Alphabin wants to in the world’s list of best brands in recycling. Starting with being the best brand for single-use waste bin. Our quest is always to develop future technologies. Technologies that will be a sustainable solution for mankind.
Therefore we are keen to involve AI and Machine Learning in the single-use waste field. Since bioplastic has along way to be a sustainable solution for plastic. We are developing alternative technologies to solve the single-use waste issue.

Our story

At Alphabin our goal is to develop alternative technologies to reduce, reuse, recycle single-use waste at a large scale. Find out more about how our journey started with a simple idea:

“Improvement of the dry and wet waste bin from point of view of single-use waste.”

Our team

The Alphabin Project has a dynamic and dedicated team working towards community awareness, data collection, scientific research, and innovative technologies. We believe in the moto.

          “Walking  together, walking  far “

support us

 The  Alphabin Project addresses research and innovation projects that result in accelerating the recycling of single-use waste in the most efficient manner possible. We welcome Corporate Partnerships, Community Fundraising initiatives, and monthly donations to help support these projects.

      “Single-Use Waste problem is so huge that  individuals or a group cannot solve it alone, please donate us.”