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Alphabin is the world’s first Single-Use Waste Bin designed to do primary processing of Single-use waste. It is a dry and wet waste bin which has vented dry section having compressing mechanism with iris lid so when the lid is pressed for compression of dry waste, not just dry wet is compressed but also liquid or wet waste remaining in dry waste is separated and it flows into the wet waste section thus maximum waste separation is achieved at the point of waste generation. Thus it will improve the entire process of collection and recycling of single-use waste.

The Alphabin has two versions one is manual and automatic. The manual version needs a compression push  2-3 times daily and finally needs to be emptied when the dry waste bag is full. And in the automatic version, even this effort of compression is eliminated only needs to be emptied when full.

Alphabin is currently under development and none of the versions are available for sale. Please donate us and help us bring the alphabin to the market.

The cost of Alphabin depends on the size of Alphabin. Currently, we are planning to bring Alphabin for commercial purposes in three sizes 50, 100, and 150 liters. 

The cost of installation of Alphabin is zero. Since Alphabin comes pre-installed with all its requirements.

On average Alphabin saves around 3500 annually. But it may save more than that depends on the size of Alphabin and customer requirements.