our story

Our story

It all started when Satyaprashil Mendhe was in his final year of Hotel Management saw the problems of handling single-use waste in standard bins.  And Satya started working towards his love for inventing things that solve existing problems and are beneficial to the masses. As a result, Alphabin was crafted. 

“The basic idea behind Alphabin was: let us build a dustbin specifically for single-use waste ”


Alphabin’s story started with the basic idea that if there is a dustbin for several types of waste, then why not have a dustbin solely for single-use waste. The idea could sound weird to some, but we all know what a pain it is to dispose of single-use waste. Thus Satya persevered on his quest to design Alphabin. After a couple of designs, he finally developed a prototype of Alphabin and filed a patent for the same in 2016. After a year passed Satya decided to quit his full-time job at Burger King in Aug 2017. And started working full time towards building the Alphabin Project.

Satya with no skill and a little money started learning online and designed a virtual prototype all by himself and made animations with Ajyt. The fully functioning prototype got ready in Feb 2018. Alphabin became a registered company in Aug 2018 and Ajyt officially became a part of it. We both started working towards building a startup, while Satya kept redesigning the bin into a functioning prototype, Ajyt named the company.

Each and everything required for building a startup was made by us. Advertisements, website, videos, posters, logo to the business plan was made by us with no former knowledge. With very little money, and just two people and a mountain lot of problems and errors to solve, it was a very difficult path for us, but we knew perseverance was key to get through it all. Everything was an experiment that we started from scratch and ended up with a lot of failures along the way, yet we kept moving smoothly towards achieving our goals. Finally, our dream started coming to reality. In all this process we have learned a lot but the most important is

“We will keep working towards our goal, no matter what happens.”

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