Our Team

Founder Satyaprashil Mendhe

Our Vision: “Accelerate the recycling of waste through separate collection and recycling.”

To get there we are working to optimize existing technologies and obtain patents on innovations. Alphabin is one such effort with dry and wet waste bins. Alphabin will improve the entire process of collection and recycling of single-use waste.

Alphabin is currently looking for early-stage funding and strategic partnerships to execute the program. The company plans to raise to 2 crores in two rounds of financing in the year 2020.

We are committed to make this dream a reality, we have survived 2 years on limited resources and we would continue to do so, to grow in many ways, from technology, team, to our personal development. It has been an exciting learning curve so far and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Alphabin.

With environmental awareness growing throughout the general population around the world, from social media and the Internet, I am excited about the unimaginable change our project will bring in the collection of single-use waste.

Co-Founder Ajyt Khadatkar

Ajyt Khadatkar is a Bachelor in Digital Animation and VFX Filmmaking from RELIANCE Animation Institute. Ajyt has worked in the Television industry, for Balaji Productions and Advertising industry for companies like R U Films and various others. Ajyt is a go-to Filmmaker for Alphabin product and helps Satya in idea developments; thus handles the Marketing and Public Relations for Alphabin Project.

“A good habit is slightly difficult to form, but it’s essential to form one for the sake of a better future. And alphabin is that habit.”